Did I just fail with 49.6 percent cause the prof doesn’t believe in rounding up …


    true friends don’t judge each other

    they judge other people


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    when people start getting close to your friends


    Anonymous asked:
    people think you are beautiful just because you have green eyes? fake colored/dyed hair and are "light skinned" ? what shallow thinking! no wonder the world is in chaos these days. You're not even the best example of a "south asian" girl- at least not physically. People need to stop obsessing over light skin, light eyes and light hair. That doesn't make a person beautiful, a lot of white chicks and light skinned girls are absolutely awful at heart



    I don’t think people think I’m beautiful because I have light eyes and light skin and dyed hair. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now let me start off with there is no best example of a South Asian woman. South Asian woman come in all shades and colours. You can’t just base it off by saying there’s one shade of colour that’s the perfect example. It’s quite rude for you to even message me this way. A lot of Caucasian people are nice too you can’t just say all Caucasian people are awful at heart. What kind of a chicken headed judgement is that? Let me start of by showing you the various shades present in South Asia

    This is a Sri Lankan girl from Sri Lanka 


    This is a Nepali girl from Nepal 


    This is a Kashmiri girl from Kashmir 


    This is a South Indian girl from South India


     Malala Yousafzai A Pakistani girl that resides near the Swat district in Pakistan, almost close to Afghanistan


    This is an Afghan Girl from Afghanistan 


    Rajasthani girl from Rajasthan located in West India


    A Punjabii boy and girl from Punjab located in North India


    This is a Bengali girl from Bangladesh


    So basically you can’t say South Asia is made of one colour because shades are always going to vary. There is no one perfect colour that makes up South Asian people and not a single person of South Asian descent who can be the “perfect” example.

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    Vaheguroo! I seriously recommend everyone to watch this! It will just take a little 15 minutes of your day, i truly recommend!

    I Had seen her response to the picture taken of her and mocked of her. I have truly been in awe of this young bhenji. I am so proud of her and how far she has come from her experiences. WJKK! WJKF!

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    The most reoccurring and common theme in Guru Granth Sahib Ji is
    “meditate on God”/”recite the Name”

    So why are most of us are concerned with e v e r y t h i n g  except that?

    Its like Guru Ji knew that we were so forgetful and easily absorbed into miniscule topics that He had to say it again and again and….

    Still we forget.

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